Mat Cleanse: organically made with Fat and the Moon


“Like a witch over a cauldron, founder Rachel Budde experiments with age­old ingredients and recipes passed down from various healing traditions to craft innovatively simple products that are good for the body and the earth.”

ENCHANTED?!  Like, totally, right?

I was unbelievably stoked when Rachel, owner of Fat and the Moon, agreed to collaborate on a line of organic yoga mat cleaners with us.  I had been a longtime fan of the line; everything Rachel makes is pretty much life changing from her beet staining lip tint to her B.O.-defying deodorant.  To work with the mermaid behind the magic was a dream come true!

Not surprisingly, collaborating with Rachel was a total breeze, and it all came together well, organically.  We met over several sessions of sample testing to fine tune the cleanse, all brought in kelp baskets to our Oakland office and still smelling of sea salt air from her Point Arena, CA home.  I could practically hear the whale song as we mixed herbs and balanced potions to concoct the perfect scent.

I’m incredibly proud of Mat Cleanse, and let me tell you, you and your mat never felt (or smelled!) so good.  Each cleanse is hand crafted with organic extracts of witch hazel extract*, essential oils of basil*, clary sage*, lavender*, and tea tree*, balanced perfectly for aromatic excellence and an easy $14 at

Yoga will clean your insides.  Let Mat Cleanse keep your noble steed just as sparkly!