Laila Bahman and Nadia Pilates for MCYM

I was thrilled when my photographer friend Laila Bahman asked to borrow our Sapphire Deco mat for a shoot with Bay Area pilates instructor Nadia Velasquez.  My excitement grew to frenzied delight once I saw the beautiful images these two made!

Laila is a super talented portrait photographer working between SF and NYC.  I love the effortless elegance in her style, and how she is able to let individuals stand as strong pillars of light in her frame. She’s a fascinating gal too, having spent time living in Oregon, California, New York City, Southern Brazil and Kuwait City. I love how this analogue series, shot in 35mm on the Northern California Coast, captures Nadia’s strength and epic grace. She is such a goddess on our most nautical mat!

Enjoy the photos and let us know what you think on our Facebook page:!

Nadia_Pilates-3 Nadia_Pilates-24 Nadia_Pilates-31 Nadia_Pilates-36