Magic Yogi: Dini Maharani

One of my favorite things about sending Magic Carpet Yoga Mats flying out the door is watching them become part of beautiful yoga practices all over the world.  I feel incredibly lucky to offer a vehicle for yoga magicians to cast their spells on, and luckier still to connect with some of these darlings personally.  Seeing what great uses Magic Carpet Yoga Mats are being put to has been so incredibly inspirational, I couldn’t keep it in anymore! Our Magic Yogi series shares the stories and practices of some of our favorite yoga babes for you to get inspired too.

Dini Maharani is making yoga magic in Indonesia.  While we’ve never met in person, I can feel her warmth and heart felt practice through her genuine posts and sincere instruction.  She never ceases to amaze with stunning poolside acro-yoga and seemingly impossible asanas, yet never seems like a showoff.  She is so supportive and collaborative, and often inspires me to take my own practice to the next level. Plus her instagram (@diniharani) challenges reach yogis across the world, which is just so cool!

It was great to hear Dini’s story, from her start as a competitive swimmer, to her longings for fresh mountain air. Read on and let us know how you like the interview on our Facebook page:


 Name: Dini Maharani SuskandiLocation: Jakarta, Indonesia

Favorite Yoga Studio: Dini Yoga Jakarta

Astrological Sign: Aries

 What role does yoga play in your life?

Yoga has given me the space that I need in my life to find creativity, inspiration and joy. It has been part of my life for the past 13 years, and I probably cannot live without it. Yoga gives me time to get to know to myself better and find compassion in my practice.

How has yoga changed your life/mind/body?

Yoga has changed my life greatly. As a former national swimmer, I was always a competitive and Type A person. I resented the fact that there would be someone better than me. When I found yoga, I was already at the end of my swimming career, but was still a competitive person.  I fell in love greatly with yoga after my first class, because I had to find patience and compassion as we moved slowly into each pose. Being so competitive, I had no patience at all and it drove me crazy that I had to hold poses for so long; in my swimming years holding poses was never in the equation! Towards the end of my first class, I felt a sudden difference in my body that these poses gave me more space in my body, and I did not realize how tight I was at that time. After Savasana, I found bliss in the Yoga Practice, that I felt like a brand new person in a brand new body. Yoga has reset my mind and body, and it makes me realize more that I need to listen to my body than my mind. Yoga has given me the space to find myself again to find compassion with my body and reset my expectation to become more patient.

What’s the hardest pose for you?

The hardest pose for me would be a deep hip opening like Anjaneyasana or Low Lunge. As I hold this pose longer in a Yin Yoga class, this pose burns my expectations and connects me deeply to who I am in my practice. This pose is like one of those stories about an ex-boyfriend with good memories, it hurts but it feels good at the same time.

What’s your dream yoga retreat?

My dream yoga retreat is a mountain retreat. Somewhere that has lots of lush green and fresh air. I love the outdoors and I love how mountain air nourishes my body with its fresh air from the greens. I live in a city where it is so polluted, so a breath of fresh air from the mountain is all I need to detox all the pollution away.

Most amazing yoga moment?

When I nail a pose and stay in it for few breathes, it liberates me greatly, knowing that I have to potential to do the pose and find bliss at the same time.

Favorite yoga pose?

Headstands and all its variation. I love being upside down.

Favorite yoga quote/mantra?

“Yogas Chitta Vritti Noridhaha’ – ‘Yoga is a practice of quieting the mind’ – Patanjali Sutra 1.1

Do you teach? If so, where can we find you and take a class?

I teach daily, 8 classes a week. You can find me at Dini Yoga,

Which MCYM do you practice on?

The Sapphire Deco Magic Carpet Yoga Mat and Traditional Magic Carpet Yoga Mat.